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Ongoing bugs not being addressed

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I posted the following under the Maintenance thread by Carendash but its not acknowledged or addressed in any way under the fixes being made by today's EU downtime:-

What about the ongoing bugs in Golden Plains (Halcyona)? People still crashing out although it seems a little better as does the lag. There is a new bug where only 1 Raid is formed and a second raid consists of 25 people not in a raid which leads to most of them afk'ing as healers can't heal, so no-one get healed plus you cannot see where on the map combat is taking place and ofc cannot see raid commands any way! It's happened to every Halcy I've done recently and I do it twice daily!

Oh by the way what about all our crests on our sails, flags, picture frames, furniture etc., that all disappeared after the patch? Are we getting them restored? (I have some irreplaceable crest items made for me which cannot be replaced)

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