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I can not run the game on Windows 7 /Solved/


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Hot issue in 2019:
What should I do if the game is not installed or does not start in Windows 7  ??

In 2019, if you are using Windows 7 there may be problems with installing and running the game.

Error Sign:
The game does not install or does not start, while in the Task Manager it contains contractjack.exe and the process

This problem is created by the Game Explorer program built into Windows 7.
.. This also applies to  NOLF2,  Far Cry   games, many, many others ...  2072 games ... let's say our "thanks" to Microsoft Corporation (joke)

How to disable "Game Explorer" for Windows 7

You can disable “Game_Explorer” in any of these 2 ways, because all these methods are reversible (you can always return “as it was before”)
1. If you renamed the contractjack.exe startup file to contractjack_1.exe, then you disabled “Game_Explorer” only for game "Contract J.A.C.K.", so now "Contract J.A.C.K.", will work fine.
2. If you installed the program “Stop_Game_Explorer”, then you have completely disabled “Game_Explorer”, now all 2072 old games are working fine, including  "Contract J.A.C.K.",
There are two versions of the program in the archive: for 64bit and for 32bit (i.e., x86).
Warning: this program does not have viruses, but VirusTotal and Antiviruses very “dislike” this program because it works with system files.

More on the GOG forum




This theme is only for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In Windows 8/10 “Game Explorer” is deactivated.

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