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Game Frequently Crashes After New Patch

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after lastest patch characters from different time zones frequently dsc or ArcheAge.exe has stopped working error are getting.(friends are constantly dsc they claim to be crashes - not only me different people)when i switch on dx9 crashes persists but stays in minimum level in my win 8.1 amd x6 - 32 gm ram pc. on the other hand i looked up on ArcheAge txt file and saw something like this :

<18:14:58> [646DBCFB][Warning] Animation-queue overflow. More then 17 entries. This is a serious performance problem. game/objects/env/01_nuia/06_mari/mari_city_templein_censer_small.chr
<18:14:59> [63ABB424][Warning] Facial sequence "closed_eyes_01" not listed in CAL file for character "game/objects/characters/warborn/male/nude/wa_m_base.chr".

1.:o i hope this kind of archeage.exe has stopped working situations are known issue will be fixed next wednesday
2. if its me related problem i am hearing all your solutions :D.


(I couldnt find patch's unique sub forum bugs report section if there is any i want this topic to transfer there):rolleyes:

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