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It's that time again for us here at UnityHQ to pay for the main site and hosting.

If we can make the goal I've posted by February 4th I can get 40% the renewals (which would mean any remaining would be for the servers futures)
It's what keeps the forum and the downloads up here for all people who still love the Nolf series games to get help with their games, find that missing file, new map or mods.

We need your help to keep it all going as I can't do it all on my own.
My time is quite limited these days but since I made a commitment to work on this site as long as there are people playing these games I would feel relived if our community site can maintain itself financially on it's own.

Some of you may ask why should I donate to UnityHQ?
Well here's why:

Contribute To Keep UnityHQ Alive!
We work hard to continuously update content and files on UnityHQ. Unfortunately we don’t have any sponsorships from gaming or hardware companies, and we don't we charge for site and downloads access like some other community sites.
We have monthly hosting and operational costs to keep the site and servers going.

We do not profit from this site at all.
Running an game community site and servers is a commitment!
Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into keeping the UnityHQ site and servers going . We have all taken for granted the information we so readily find on the internet when searching for example how to setup your NOLF game or get that missing file, or how to get your game working on that latest piece of hardware.
We sacrifice lots of free time to writing posts, maintaining gameservers, coming up with new ways to keep the games alive, answering questions, thus keeping UnityHQ going for all NOLF fans to enjoy.

But make no mistake, we love what we do!
The nolf game series is one of the most awesome game series made. We've taken on the mantle of keeping these awesome games alive.
We, the site owners, are adults, with commitments to every day life, families, employers, etc.
So our time gets terribly divided between what we wish we could work on (UnityHQ) and what we’re obligated to do to survive in the real world!

Without support from all of you all this would not be possible.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to seeing our community continue to grow.

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my first payday of my new job i'll donate a good bit :)


Excellent!! hopefully others will have the same thought soon.

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I've had to throttle back the downloads as a result of the bandwidth useage.


It will go back to normal once we've renewed (or we shutdown if we don't make goal)

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Bump Bump.......


We're almost there for the goal to keep UnityHQ here for everyone.

If you haven't pitched in yet please do soon.

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To those of you who donate regulary... thank you so very much! :wub:


To those of you who don't... would you mind helping out a little bit now and then? I realize this is an old game and many of you play it only occassionally but just imagine how much it would be missed if it wasn't available to play anymore? Eliteone and I have been putting money into this website and the servers for quite a few years now. Every single month. I don't even want to think about how much we have invested in total, all for a 'game'. For me, it's worth it to be able to play a couple Sunday's a month and meet up with old friends again. How much are the NOLF2 servers, this forum and downloads section worth to you?

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I would like to donate, but I can't even download a file to run the game properly (mouse fix). Says I have to post or something.

Which you have now ;)

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