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Custom Server?


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i'm only asking to see if maybe i can save myself some time in trying myself. I'm currently in the middle of my own game on the Lithtech Jupiter engine using the NOLF2 source as a base. I need to run a server for multiplayer, and want to run one like the original in game so you can search for open games and such instead of having to use the IP tool or somethin (which doesn't work with my custom client anyway)


that being said... anyone have experience with NOLF2 source for making a server? Or can i do it without the source and maybe just use files from here? Thanks!

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Assuming I'm understanding your comment correctly, since the master server has been shutdown you're going to need to dig through the code to create your own master server or change your client to be compatible with the various existing work-arounds.


creating my own master server, yes. sorry i didn't convey that correctly. there isn't much in the dev documentation on it so which is why i asked

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