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Borderlands 3 Will Be About 35 Hours Long For The Main Campaign


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Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
Release: September 13, 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


Video game length can be a touchy subject for people. Some people can't stand games that are too short, while others don't want to play anything too long. Those spending full price on a new game want it to last a decent bit of time, however, and it sounds like Borderlands 3 is probably going to deliver.

In an interview with GamesBeat, creative director Paul Sage commented on the game's ambition by mentioning that the game will last you a while just to do the main campaign.

"There’s so much to the game," Sage told the outlet. "We go to these different worlds. The length of the game being 35 hours, if you just go through the main story — that’s not including doing too many side missions. I think there was a lot of ambition right at the beginning."

Usually when developers give hour counts for their games, you want to subtract a bit, but 35 hours does sound like it would be in line with Borderlands 2, if not a bit over. So you can expect to spend a lot of quality time with your friends, especially with the new level scaling feature, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13.

[Source: GamesBeat]

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