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Haha, I see your point but then again a CD key is one assurance people will actually buy the game and not just download it.


On the other hand at this point I'm not sure what difference it would make for Sierra and it would make a difference for us because these master server crashes would not cripple all the servers. *Sigh*

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Hmm servers still down? No MP in NOLF2 for 3 days now? Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut circumventing the master server would be immoral, because it would allow a person to more readily play a cracked verision of a game that has been out for 3 years already. *Horrors!*


Anyone who knows how to circumvent the master server.....I give you permission to make the program, fiddle with the files, send me the info and I'll post it to the world. Have sierra, vivendi, Sony, w/e come after me.



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All Seeeing Eye


or make a file with the following


NOLF2.exe -GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join IP Address

for example:

NOLF2.exe -GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join




name the file nolf2start.bat

and place it in your C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2


Create a shortcut of it and place it on your desktop.

Then double click it and you should connect to the IP of the server you specified in the file.


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Boots up nolf2


For all you confused and lazy people i made the .bat file with a readme on how to get it into your nolf2 folder and get it working. Simple as just puting the .bat file into your nolf2 directory and double clicking.I belive its for the sfi server ill make one for the st server if they give me the ip

Sfi Doomsday Server

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