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Third Person And New Animations Mod for Contract J.A.C.K.

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Contract J.A.C.K.

Adds  Third Person Camera with fixed Crosshair and enabled weapons

Adds New Animations on some weapons in Third Person View For Better Play.

Weapons: Melee, 1 Handed ( Grenades, Bombs, Gadgets), Rifle.


Stand - Melee, Rifle;

Walk Forward - Melee, Rifle;

Walk Backward - Melee;

Walk Backward while Shoot - Rifle;

Run Forward - Melee, 1 Handed, Rifle;

Run Backward - Melee;

Jumping - All weapons

I don't recommend using this mod in multiplayer, but it  find good use in co-op mode.


To enter Third Person Press "T" and enter - "mpasscam"



Replace Update_v1x1 in Contract J.A.C.K Folder.

Tested on patch 1.1. For this reason, the mods folder is not used. Because the 1.1 patch is not launching Custom mods. It will fixed soon.

Reccomended - create a backup. To be on a safe side.

Download Full Mod

Download Third Person Only Mod



Create same mod for No One Lives Forever 2.

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Looks cool, I remember messing around with animations back in the day as well. Was trying to alter some of Isako and Cate's movements for my singleplayer mod. Did you redo the whole animation from scratch?

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I plan to make the same mod for NOLF 2. It will include such innovations as: animated fights on Katanas, animation pack for Cate and Isako. As well as my planned mod to change the character's animations depending on the mood of the AI: for example, if the player raised the alarm then his animations will change from calm to disturbing.

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