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Error message trying to join servers

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Hey all I just tried to join a DM and/or DD match on NOLF2 (it's about 8:45 est) and got the message "WS_WSAECONNREFUSED". Is anyone else getting this message? I played yesterday with no problems. Hopefully this isn't another Sierra issue.

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Yo. The master server for Nolf2 is down at the moment, rest assured everyone else faces this issue (although rumor has it you can connect through a third-party application such as Gamespy or the All-Seeing Eye).


Not to be snippy but for the future you could just check the tech section for your problem; often it will be there already! Easier for us all. That aside we're here to help. Well at least Eliteone is. The rest of us will offer up moral support. In any case come again! smile.gif

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yes people. sfi's dm and dd servers are accessable through gamespy. there are 8 of us who are playing regularly.


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