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[Updated] Monthly Top Player list + Online Time

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Hallo Everyone,

Updated Post:
Spawn (from and I created a website which shows some statistics around all nolfservers.

- Current Servers + Players (of nolf1 + nolf2 + Contract Jack)
- Monthly Top Players
- Most Online Players
- Recent Seen Players
- Auto Refresh (every 20s or 60s) non-stop
- Notification when 1 player comes online (or if set, a 2nd player)
The notification is a sound that gets auto-played (make sure that autoplay is activated in firefox+chrome!). In case you are idling in a server, and waiting for a second player to come, you can also set the notification-sound to go off when 2 players are in the same server - so you can continue browsing the internet. You can also turn off all sounds, if you'd like.


Hope you like it!
Spawn & Icepick



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Nolf1 Statistics for July 2019
(all nolf1 servers)

Top 7 Killers:
1. |eGo|L.Icepick: 1014
2. iRat: 825
3. |eGo|RihanaSun: 715
4. |eGo|Shiipka: 502
5. SpuD: 486
6. Crack Moses: 449
7. |eGo|Tob!as: 374
ALL PLAYERS: 6158 Kills
(See more at: )

Top 7 Most Online Players:
1. |eGo|L.Icepick 19h 42m
2. SaPh: 17h 43m
3. iRat: 14h 49m
4. SpuD: 9h 46m
5. |eGo|RihanaSun: 8h 00m
6. Spawn: 7h 19m
7. |eGo|Shiipka: 6h 10m
(See more at:

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