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NOLF2 Dedicated Server Help - Multiple Servers


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Hey All,


I'm looking into playing this game again, and I'm trying to setup multiple dedicated NOLF2 servers on the same server box. However, it seems that only one server works even though I've given the other servers different ports and different directories. The first server I run works and people are able to connect to it, but the next server I run, when I try to join it says that it is unable to join. However, the JoinByIP tool shows both servers, but only the first one run works properly. The game shows only my co-op server as online.


Does anyone have experience running multiple NOLF2 servers on the same box? Can you specify which IP address and port a NOLF 2 server binds to via the commandline? Is there anything special I need to do? I am already running the Lives Forever Plus mod.

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Make a copy of your first Nolf 2 directory and launch it from the dedicated server launcher from the new directory.


I tried that, but it doesn't work. Only the first launched server works. If you launch Nolf2Svr.exe from a different directory and different settings, players are unable to join the server? Maybe it's a LivesForeverPlus issue? I'll try a few more things...


Do you have any other suggestions?

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I would recommend setting up a profile in game for each server (all using different ports) and setting up port forwarding for the servers (host port & query port (e.g., 27888 & 27889, 28888 & 28889, ect)).


When you start NOLF2Srv.exe and have more than one profile, a window will appear where you can select what profile to host with.


Assuming everything is configured, each server should work.

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