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I need help !


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Hello UHQ,


First of all:Only one week past from my DEdit experience and i`m running out of options...i am fully dedicated myself to make maps or some cool mods in DEdit but i am little stuck.


Therefore:I request for help, so let me explain what problem i've got here for example: i create room and i apply texture (everything is ok now ) after i run my map i am not able to see texture (everything is white) however i played game without any problems like that, already finished it (i speak about Nolf 2)


In conclusion:I dunno if i have a video card problem (Is intel gma 950, no AGP texture support PS:2.0 version) or i do something wrong with DEdit




P.S:Sorry for my bad eng :P

long live this community, my first post yuhu i made it !


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Hello :)


It seems like the ProjectPath in the World Processor isn't correct, start the World Processor and click on the button next to ProjectPath and browse for the DEdit project file (TO2.dep).


Now the textures should show in game when you process new maps.

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