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Saved games from PC


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I recently installed NOLF2 for mac, and I have tried to import my PC saved games, but to no avail... I have basically copied the "Profiles" and "Save" folders from the PC game folfer into /Users/../Library/Application Support/NOLF2, but I can't see the saved games in NOLF2, although I can see load the profile I just copied...


Has anyone managed to get this working??


Thanks in advance!

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Nolf 2: Im trying to put back some saved games I found and I can't find the location of the saved files...used search and did not find my answers...maybe Im wording it wrong...even turned on hidden files...nothing. Im using win 7/64...anyone help?

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The save folder for single player is:

No One Lives Forever 2\Save\Player\SinglePlayer


Inside this folder is where the .sav files are.


Note: Player is the default profile name, yours maybe different if you changed/made a profile

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Do you start NOLF2 as administrator? If not Windows User Account Control (UAC) feature can block the game from making the save folder when the game is installed in C:\Program Files (x86) and I believe Running as Admin will help with this. I install older games to C:\Game to get around UAC.


Try running the game as Admin, start a new single player game and see the there is a Save folder now or you can make one like Eliteone says.

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