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Ok. So in a couple of weeks I am taking the fam to Italy to see some relatives. I have an 8 hour flight with two kids 4 and 2 years of age. I can only read so much, and even though I have gotten much better, I am not the best flyer in the world post 9/11. So I was thinking of picking up one of the new handheld gaming systems on the market. The big question is...


user posted image



The Sony PSP or the Nintendo SP?


The Sony PSP is sick (I tried it out at the Sony store in the Sony building by my office a couple of days ago), but is around $350-400 for any "bundle" and has a battery that only last like 3 hours. I don't want to spend another $90 on a international adaptor to charge the sucker either.


The Nintendo SP, is pretty cool to with a touch screen "wand" and decent graphics. The bundles are running for around $200, and the battery life is 5 hours. However the PSP looks like the future of hand held gaming, and don't want to waste $200 on something from Nintendo just to get owned by a SONY product like the other consoles have.


SHould I just get a friggen gameboy and play tetris the whole way over and back?


Advice please!


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I vote for just get a friggen gameboy. Cheaper and better and in the end these things can never compete with the standards you're used to from the computer anyway. But of course I haven't tried either.

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Is this for you or the kids? If it's for the kids, they're way too young to appreciate anything good like the two you mentioned. Get the Gameboy Advance SP and games like Kirby, Hamtaro, PacMan or any other cutesy one. There are tons out there. You can usually get a nice bundle off ebay if you want to save even more bucks.


I suggest getting a portable DVD player and movies they love if you're wanting something else to keep their attention. That long of a flight at that age is going to be tough. I wish you luck, you're going to need it. tongue.gif

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We have a portable DVD Player, but again, compatability issues for recharging on plane and in Italy. It will work for like 3.5 hours then pttttth.


Anyhow I'm in the travel business, and I accrue points, and stuff through different programs (hotels, air, car, etc) all the time. I realised that through one of my programs I have plenty of points, so I ordered a Gameboy advanced which comes with a free game. I should get it by Wed. My kids would smash it to smithereens, so this is for dad (this and the Jack Daniels).


Anyhow thanks for the advice.


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I say go with the Gameboy too. Like somebody said (too lazy to scroll - think it was Bella), might be worth getting a Gameboy Advanced. They will be much cheaper and for "your kids" (that's right Knix, we know it's really for you), they won't care about top of the range graphics etc.


If you're planning on using this thing regularly and will want to keep using it for a few years, go for the DS as it's the latest and greatest.

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LOL Leesy I already admitted the game is for me to pass the time on the plane. My kids are not interested in video gaming, just breaking things. Yeah so i'm getting the gameboy advanced. You mentined the DS and not the PSP though if I were to want something better down the road. You think the DS is better then the PSP?


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Dont lie KX, you know by your "son" you mean "yourself" laugh.gif

my friend Ceese has a PSP, it looks good and all, but when it

comes to handheld games Id go with the Gameboy wink.gif

i dont have one but if i ever get a handheld its going to be by Nintendo...

i seen that one GB Micro too the other day, it looks cool smile.gif

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