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Club Dead , legit or glitch/hack?

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Heya guys.


Well we setup a dedicated nolf server for some fun tonight, sure enough we had 5 in no time.


Long live nolf!


Having a great amount of fun..(me getting owned alot with my huge ping =P) But then the hostess seen this.





Is there something we are missing and there is a ziphook or other legit method to get in there, or is this an age old nolf glitch to get into the fish tank?


Replys would be appreciated, as gaming isnt gaming unless its fair. Win or lose.




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Wow, it's been so long since I played that map. There is no way to get into the fish tank normally. I believe it was some kind of a glitch that had to do with standing beside the window and getting blown into the tank using the suitcase or something? Not sure, I never did it myself.

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That's a glitch. To get into to fish tank, you need to go to one of the lamps in the hallways and crouch-jump force your way through the wall. Once you're in the fish tank, you can't get out though.

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Why isn't glitching/exploiting considered "fair"? Anyone can do it with the proper knowledge and skill, just like anything else in the game. For example, if my opponent doesn't know where the Balcov Corrector is, does that mean that I can't use it against them? I think not. You don't have to use another program or edit the game, you're just playing it as is. Dishonorable? Maybe, but it's technically part of the game even if it's unintended.


This particular exploit is also risky to use, at least when I try it in single player, because I more often die by falling through the floor and into a black void than actually making it into the aquarium. So if someone succeeds in performing it they kind of got lucky/earned it. You can't get out without dieing either, and if you have more than one opponent and they all stay away from you then you won't neccessarily win by default, even if you are currently in the lead.


TL;DR: It's very possible to win if someone else uses this exploit that is naturally part of the game, even if you don't use it, so don't complain.

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