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Contract JACK Image as No-CD

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The official version of the game on two CDs has the protection of “Securom” and will not start without the original disc in your CD / DVD-ROM. This protection, of course, is hacked; in all Internet distributions there is a No-CD file.
No-CD is a “cracked” file of Lithtech.exe and the game starts normally with this file.
If it is important for someone to run the “clean” official version of the game without any “No-CD” there, they can use the Mini-image CD1, which contains a list of files and a copy of the Securom protection on CD1.
CD1 mini image does not contain game files, therefore its size in the archive is only 32Kb
Download CD1 Mini Image for Contract J.A.C.K. here, the Instructions are in the archive.
Contract_JACK_Image.zip [32Kb]

Practical application of the Mini-CD1 image instead of “No-CD” has no advantages. In short .. it's for aesthetes.  :)
To use the CD1 Mini Image, you must install Alcohol 120 or Alcohol 52 or Daemon Tools to create a virtual CD-ROM drive.
All other programs for creating a virtual drive, such as UltraISO or HERO, etc., do not work with protected CDs.


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