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HD Pack texture for NOLF 2 project

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good day dear all,


i am new user in this forum, as all of you you love NOLF Series, and me too of course.

i am desperate not to see the release of the third episode...


i'd like to know if for all players, managers, fans, modders as you are, if it's possible to start a texture mod project with No one lives forever 2.


i am not a developper and i am not a modder or whatever. i try in IT department, in a help desk. even i am not a developer, i know how to read command line, modify simple code in a txt file (, cfgini, xml and so on, who is readable for anyone who try to be interested on this kind of txt file)


but i want to be involved in this project, for me it's the best game i have ever played.

i am not skilled in programming or developping, i'd like to manage this project with anyone who wants to start.

my questions are :


is it possible, is it legal, no problem with any copyright?

how cost in time, resources and money ?

please note it's a free project, maybe we can plan something by donation for time spent for working, but i think this project made by fans, must be free.


i am from france, and if i ask help from community, it's because i think of this since a couple of times.


and if i want to be involved, it s not for not following the project and abandon 3 months ago.


could you please tell me, if technically it could be done and who wants to help us and me to manage it.


thank you and sorry for my english.



Purposes of projects :


Modding :


Implement for all environment HD textures (High resolution)

Implement for characters, HD textures (High resolution), if possible but not the most important as Main Characters and NPC are very good looking.

Out-game and In-game Menu better implementation

Artistic direction should be the same, but maybe improve resolution for garments and weapons.



Controls :

Native Xbox360 controller enable




Improve better compatibility for high resolution for lithtech.exe engine (need some skills coding i think :))

as you know, modify cfg files, in 1080p for example, crash randomly in some systems, and 64 bits system (mfc client error for example ).

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