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What's your favourite Weapon in the game.




In DM the Sniper Rifle


In DD AK-47


for me

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Nothin's worth a good old frag' grenade. Plain and simple... wink.gif

Jacques wrote:

1st : Banana


2nd : Snowmobile


Hahaha. You lame, dirty little imp. laugh.gif

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there rnt any different "chances"...


but there is way different power...


Shotgun has most power/shot ratio...

then sniper rifle next...

then it goes down on the list of Automatic weapons...

startin with AK, then tommy gun, SMG, so on and so on...


but the chances of hitting r purely on how good u r...

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Back in my "Coop Days", Psyche and I were testing that.


I had used a Pistol and an AK to test my hypothesis (Which was: Would an AK kill a person with faster than a person being hurt by a Pistol?)


Psyche had the standard Health in Coop (As you may know the health in Doomsday is different than in Coop)


Hokay: I killed him with 4 hits in the head with a Pistol. I tested it again and again to see if it was correct. Yes it was.


Hokeh: Then I picked up an AK, shot him 2 times in the head, dead. Then I repeated.


*Note: When I shot the Pistol and AK, I was tap firing


My next Hypothesis: Would I kill someone faster if I shot their head, than if I shot their chest or foot using a pistol?


Hokay: 4 shots in the head.

Hokeh: 5 shots in the chest.

Hokey: 6 shots in the Leg and Foot area.


*Note: Each time I shot him in the head and chest, they were both usually 4 and 5 shots, but shooting him in the head usually only took 4 shots.



It could be different in DD though, but I doubt it (It's just the health which makes you have to shoot more ammo)



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Factor wrote :

but the chances of hitting r purely on how good u r...


I'm not quite sure. For example, the tommy gun is clearly, far less accurate than the AK. Try it at mid / long range, you'll see. And the SMG + silencer must be the most accurate auto weapon. So, if dispersion works, there has to be a "random" routine somewhere in the engine. Shoot at a wall with the shotgun... You'll see that the impacts won't be at the same place every time, even if you don't move at all.


If it's the same, classic system that's used in many FPS, the effect range of a weapon looks like a cone. It points at the weapon, of course. Any bullet or group of bullets fired with the weapon can follow any vertex from the weapon to the base of the cone (->target), which gets wider if you run, narrower if you crouch. At least in most games.


A shotgun would have a wide and short "effect range cone". Thus, high "chances" of hiting someone at short range even if you play as bad as I do. The effet range cone of the SMG is narrow, and very long.


As you see, the computer doesn't have to calculate probabilities. It just picks up a vertex inside the cone - its size and shape depending on "environmental" factors. This is much less ressource-demanding than actual statistics and probabilities.

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Yes or Word


with the snipe,,, you can kill someone far far away.

with a shootgun you can't.


Everything depends of the distance.


Most of people think that the AK is the most powerful because it's the best versatile gun. ( distance + damage + frequency )


Sniper : distance + damage with bad frequency

Shootgun : damage + just charging is long

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Ok as all high-pingers i have to aim "in the future"


best for me is pump gun bcs it strews wide and only 1 headshot is enough

and with a little luck u can make 2 kills with one shoot muahhaha

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