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Alts and Afk in instances (and raids) - a constructive approach

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First of all I know this most likely is thread #100 on alts and afks. But this ain't a thread to complain endlessly. And it would be nice to keep it that way. I'd rather have a constructive discussion about possible solutions. Maybe we come up with something that Gamigo can pass to XL. The odds are against that I know, but at least we can try.

1) Afk in general
People with away tag should get another colour in the raid simply to let people know if someone is afk. I am thinking of situations like Haranyans doing CR and some people are not there in time. Normally the raid waits for those. But they actually can't know if those people are afk or not.
-> give afk's a different colour to let people know if they should wait or not
-> positive side effect: you see who is afk in raid instances

2) Alts and afk in raid instances (RD/Hiram/Halcy)
Imho the easiest solution to get rid of those would be: No contribution means no rewards.
As an example in Fall of Hiram, you'd need to either kill/deal damage to wolves, turn in packs, lit braziers etc to actually get rewards. Every active player can achieve that but people that queue with 3 accounts at the same time will actually have to put in work. The same principle could be used for RD.

An alternative would be an auto kick as soon as a player gets the away tag. But this could be bypassed by macros and such.

Not much by now but maybe you can add ideas.

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