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Do something about Trading

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I know it has been mentioned a million times but the trading in the game in the older versions was awesome. I am not saying to remove the trading now but you should make the trading in the continent as well. It should be possible for you to trade from one zone to another in one continent and not only to the cargo centers. That logic is flawed by it self. Trading doesn't work like that, and the freedom to decide for players is halved.
Plus doing the same exact 2 routes for a month or something gets highly repetitive and dull, and many people will quit for that or they will stop doing trade runs and the cargo centers will stop producing. That's why they changed in an update for the cargo to always have cargos so anyone can do the runs, because more and more people stopped doing trade runs.
The variety in trading was the thing that made the game more fun and i think that a big number of players would come back to the game if you somehow get this mechanic in the game. Why can't we have both trades in the game. It doesn't change anything, leave this trading now for getting charcoal and gold and this one only for gold. It will make a difference people would do more variety of trades. You can't go on the artificial way of only limiting gold making from only 2 places, the player should do trade runs however he feels that day, and do different zones and things everyday not the same old route for a whole year.
I know this can be done, but it depends on the company wanting to implement something that the player base would like to have back in the game.

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