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DTX file extension


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Hello! First of all sorry if someone already asked it but where can I get a tool which can open, view and edit DTX file extensions?

And PLEASE don't say anything about Adobe!


If you are referring to the files for Nolf2 the developer tools would do that.

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I have no idea how to work we developer tools. I even don't know how to edit textures with it or edit maps.


So I guess the next question would be what specifically are you trying to accomplish by opening the files?

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I diceded to use that useless Adobe thing. I added new icons but they are without the frame. I can play with that. But now I've another questions:

Is there some tutorial where I could learn how to attach silencers?

Also is there some tool where to edit models?

I looked in DEDIT but I don't understand how it works. Do I need to extract game files for it?

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It seems that it's useless to wait for answer.. Such a "nice" forum...


It is not unreasonable for it to take sometime for someone who has the answers to what you

Are asking. Most of us have other obligations besides this forum you know.

I personally don't have the answer you want to hear but if it makes you feel better to have this reply

Then I'm glad to oblige.

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There are a number of NOLF editing resources listed in this thread:




Note that many of these sites no longer exist, but some are still accessible in the Wayback Machine (a link is given in the thread), and some ARE still available in today's web.


Also, keep in mind that DEDIT was used by Monolith for a number of games, and some useful resources may also be available for these other games created by Monolith at about the same time as NOLF 2. Aliens vs. Predator 2 and TRON 2.0 are two likely candidates that come to mind. Here is one example for TRON 2.0 (if you already have DEDIT set up, then you may want to go ahead to Part 2 of this particular tutorial):



Here is another example for AvP 2 (note the topics along the left side of the page):




Note that while there ARE differences in the various versions of DEDIT used in these different games, there are many similarities which can help you grasp the basic editing concepts behind DEDIT.


One important point to emphasize is that all of the tutorial creators stress the need for patience and a willingness to master the various tools (including, but not limited to DEDIT). The fact that many of the NOLF2 specific sites are gone is going to make your task even more difficult, but there are still a lot of resources available IF you are willing to do the research.


Good luck!

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