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Rock stars making themselves useful

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When politicians are about to leave office, they usually tend to start worrying about their place in the history books. And, with Iraq not turning out quite the way it was supposed to, Tony Blair must've been looking for something else. Enter Bono, the rockstar pr machine. He actually managed to put third world debt on the agenda and Blair and Brown made it their new cause. But how to convince the rest of the world? Enter Sir Bob Geldof, pr machine extraordinaire. He's organising a string of concerts to put pressure on the G8 members, a march on Edinburg, while organising an armada to transport more people from the continent.


All in all they're getting almost as much media time as Michael Jackson. Will they get what they want? Will it help? Does it matter that they prefer dinosaurs like Pink FLoyd to black or African musicians? Is it a problem that the success of this issue is pushing the other main problem (the environment) off the agenda?

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