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Sega Brings The Series Back After Nearly 10 Years


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Publisher: SEGA
Release: Spring 2020
Platform: PlayStation 4

Sega has announced the return of the long-dormant Sakura Wars series with a new entry on PlayStation 4 set to release next year.

Project Sakura Wars (working title, of course) is set in a "romanticized version of 1940s Imperial Tokyo," 10 years after the end of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (which released in the US back in 2010 on the PlayStation 2 and Wii). As with the rest of the series, Sakura Wars is a mix of action and adventure, with the return of the LIPS dialogue system, which makes dialogue options (which affect your trust with certain characters, as well as the potential ending of the game) more active affairs. It also has you fighting inside mechs called "spiricle armors," which leans into that "romanticized" version of Tokyo, I suppose.

The game will feature only Japanese voice acting, but will have subtitles English, German French, and Spanish. It's set to release in spring of 2020.

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