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Anti-Aliasing - Yes or no?

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I'm trying to confirm whether or not NOLF2 will support any methods of AA at all. If so, does anyone know how?




-> Nvida control panel only seems to freeze the game.


-> SMAA injector only supports DX9 and DX10.


-> Native settings don't seem to support it all.



Is anyone able to confirm a method to get it working or whether or not it's even possible? I tried to search the forums but it yielded no results




Windows 7 64bit SP1

Nvidia GTX 580 3GB

Intel i7 930

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AA works fine in NOLF2 for me, settings:

Radeon HD 5770 @ 1440x900, Morphological filtering on, 8x AA (Edge-detect filter), 16x AF, AA Mode: Super-sample AA

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