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Erenor-Infusions -> No Exploit in Terms of Trion

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First of all, we want to stress to you all that ArcheAge is very much a game of experimentation and strategy. We love seeing how all of you utilize our in-game tools as you adventure throughout the lands. We very much want to preserve that type of exploration, as we believe its core to ArcheAges philosophy.

What we do want to combat, however, are situations where a player can gain an unbeatable advantage against another player. This leads us to how the team defines what an exploit is:

Exploit (verb, /ikˈsploit/) A behavior or situation that is unintended by the games design and leads to a clearly unbeatable advantage.

The important word here is unbeatable. While some unintended situations may give you a benefit that is strong, many of them still can be beaten by a team of coordinated adventurers, or can be countered by a different strategy. (But be aware that said unintended behavior can be patched out by Trion and XL in the future!)
By Celestrata Bloodsong

1. We never knew whats intended by Trion couse something get patched in we dont get told bevore
2. Noone known if it was intended that Erenor Infusions been free feedable
3. No Offical Announcemnt
4. Erenor Infusions been 500g in AH

Bevore :
Mythic Infusions 750-1000g
Legendary Infusions been at 500g
Epic Infusions been at 200g

Advantadge of feed with lower Infusions
Epic : you make loss
Legendary -> Mythic : No benefit (225k Gold )
Mythic -> Ethernal : you feed 25-50% cheaper ( still 300k Gold )

=> Ok now let us think about it ... get an Legendary Erenor to Ethernal needed 525k Gold when you used this, next Patch Ethernal Hiram come in wich is 6% less good.

==> And useing this was DEFNITLY no

clearly unbeatable advantage.

The important word here is unbeatable.

And now when you think people who trashed their Obsidean to sell Infusions at 500g had an unbeatable advandtadge with trashing their Obsedean to sell? ... The Gold they got out of it is still way less than they spend into Obsidean to make it, and Trion ♥♥♥♥ed them up with remove Obsidean.

And now i tell you something about me myself (i think most people on Jakar knew me as a Crafter and Trader) i got banned for 2 Weeks with my Healer-Account (not the Crafter Account) couse i did the unbeatable advandtadge of looseing Money couse i tryed out feed 500g Divine Infusins into my Epic Erenor (Epic bevore and still Epic)
=> So i got banned for 2 Weeks couse i made the
==> And useing this was DEFNITLY no

clearly unbeatable advantage.

The important word here is unbeatable.
ob spend more Gold on my epic weapon than i would have when i bought the epic Infusions bevore for 200g each

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