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DEdit Doesn't Run >.<

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I wonder why may it happen.

When I make a double click on it, it freezes for 4-5 seconds, then a picture like that is showing up.




Translation is not needed, I hope. This kind of error is very known.

If anyone has just a bit of idea, why does it happen, please, let me know.

I can not work with this thing now, arrgh :(

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Windows 7?


Debit was never tested on windows 7, especially 64 bit.


Have you tried running it in compatability mode?

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Yes, I tried every mode possible. It is interesting, that it worked perfectly, even unbelieveable quickly before... before my computer suddenly frozen.

It was about 2 months ago. Since then when I try running, I see this. As far as I know, it works like it's XP, so when i install an XP's 32-bit program, I don't set anything for it to work. And it was so. Why doesn't it work now... Does anyone have an installation file? I think reinstall may help. And a question then: will all my files (maps, tex, snds etc) be saved? Won't reinstalling delete the 'NOLF2/GAME/(and it's contents)' folder? Thanks in advance.

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Off the top of me head, files like object.lto, clientfx.fxd and the .dll's in the root of the project game folder can cause crashes, also various files in /attributes/ may also too.

Maybe replacing some of these with the ones from the v1.3 update .rez may help.


If that doesn't help, you could try and remove DEdit's registry settings (back them up first ;)).

DEdit's setting are located here in Regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LithTech Inc.


DEdit should load up like the first time now.

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Thank you very much, URA, but I did not understand what exactly do I have to delete? Whole the root? Or... there are so many strings there. And how do I back them up? Is it important? What if I backup the damaged files? =))


Still, does anyone have an install file?)

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To backup HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LithTech Inc., right click it in the left window pane in Regedit and select Export and save it somewhere.

To delete it, do the same but select Delete.


Alternatively, you could just select Rename and rename it to something like "LithTech Inc. Backup" & skip the above ;)


If you still want to reinstall, the NOLF2 Toolkit is located in downloads here, just rename your project folder if it's in the default location (NOLF2\GAME\) to keep any custom stuff safe before reinstalling.

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Hey, thank you very very much! That worked! But there's another prob :D the TO.DEP is damaged, I suppose... When I open just this project, it closes with the same error. Well, nvm, the main problem is solved, I am glad, lol . Thanks everyone who helped me! =))

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One more thing. Make a rez file for your mods. Game engine works faster with compressed rez files than extracted ones (Tested it extracting all rez files in correct order and then deleting them. Game loads much longer). Also it will stay in the folder after uninstalling/reinstalling game or tools.

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