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Use for some Items

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This list some items that in my opinion, they are useless in any way, either because is used for a specific task or the contest relate to it is irrelevant nowadays, and some ideas for making they a bit useful. (Sorry for any sarcasm or my bad English).

Blue and White Coral from Vocation shop:
Back in the day when you can still craft magnificent and illustrious equipment, you needed something called blue ocean coral, that was used for craft those sets. Now because one is gone and other purchasable, the blue ocean coral was removed from the game, but no the others. If well the white coral has some uses in for furniture, the blue coral HAS NOT any single use (at least in folio).
Either give more uses for both corals or remove them. the only idea I have is a furniture set base in Sanddeep or Solis, beach set, similar to Airan and Sunbite sets.

Revenant Soulstone from Occlera stuff:
When people could build obsidian or soulforged items, they had some uses for low gear players, giving the opportunity to rank up they gear score and when they believed was no useful anymore they could change to obsidian (was horrible but better than nothing, I think). Now because the obsidian is no longer available, they were changed for illustrious, but again, they are in sales in any city for 50g.
I am not saying that Occlera event is terrible, is a good event, give prestige and is required for main quest, but the reward is useless, is easier to get 50g for buy from the shop than grinding for a week, and if you are farming in DS you also can get Hiram stuff, with make this soulstone even more pointless.
Make Occlera relate quests either give Hiram Infusion or a random item that can be sell for some coins.

Raw Lumber from Poplar trees:
They are only in the game for only a few quests for the blue salts and they do almost nothing, giving only more logs but the tree itself gives less log that most trees. Change the quest that requires the generic Heavy hardwood and remove the raw lumber from the game.

Fine and Superior Lunarite:
I am not talking about the lunarites relate to handicraft and the lunagems, I'm talking about for Alchemy one and the Lunadrop and Lunafrost, the former has already changed some patches ago. Now back to it, before the changes for the Lunafrost, they were used for craft various tier of it and each tier needed a different one, so that makes sense, now they were removed, and now they read the same: change X number for -grade- lunarite for a sealed lunafrost.
They do the same thing and materials needed is the same, is just change the labor you put in it to transform it because you need more labor to make the next tier in the first place.
for me is ok the prime lunarite, the number you need for erenor stuff is crazy if you change it to the normal lunarite, but both the fine and superior can be changed for the raw lunarites.

Armor Temper and Crime Cleaner from the General Store:
I don't know if it has a related quest or not, or if it has an unknown, hide feature for use them, or they were forgotten and they are game for no reason, but they have no single use, and even the armor temper says that has no uses and is still in the shop.

And the list can go on, but I think that this is enough for now.

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