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Server Bullies

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In Aria in the west, there's certain heroes who feel the need to be in control of every event and every raid, not letting other heroes start raids and exiling people out of petty hatred while doing the same things that person did. Those people do not need to be heroes and if enough people can stand up against such bullies, everyone will have a better game play.

Those people do not respect raids that are already up. They refuse to co-raid and create new raids to go mess with a faction event in which others are already attending. They bully and make drama in nation chat in order to force that raid to back down and for that person leading the raid to take it off the recruit board. If there are two full raids up for an event, they make a raid and go to that event, causing discord and drama in which no one is able to complete their quests. They call other heroes leading raids, "potato heroes" and deny those heroes to lead raids, stealing raids for themselves or creating new ones. They deny people raid access by forcing people to hate the ones they hate and threaten to exile even heroes who stand up to their bullying with exile and threaten those heroes' guilds with exile and automatic kicks from raids. They perpetrate hatred and have an army of mindless drones that chirp up, reaffirming how it's okay for them to screw west over, but it's not okay if someone tries to get their quests done. They bring up things that happened many years ago in order to justify their hatred and their actions. They blatantly lie when there's nothing to tell in order to justify their wrong doing. They go to one faction event and then as soon as it starts, relist their raids as another upcoming faction event raid so they can keep continuous hold on to raid leads. They prevent others from doing raids and pretends that anyone who is not 13k gs is an alt and should not be allowed to get honor or leadership or do faction events.

Such people should not be heroes, let alone be able to lead raids. Such people should not be able to exile anyone and threaten to exile anyone or entire guilds for standing up to their bullying and for not agreeing with their hate. Although it is clear that Gamingo will more than likely allow this type of crap, west should stand up and reject these people and stop allowing them free passes to control every aspect of other people's gaming experience.

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