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There's Only one way to fix the erenor situation.

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And no, theres no bandaid event from XL games that will fix it. No there is no way to just dump compensation out because there are too many alt accounts that feed that stuff into a main account. And no, you cannot just let this sit there with nothing being done about it.

You have 1 choice, and yes, its hard and requires you to do some work. Goes as follows.
Check your logs, you'll be looking for X grade erenor fusion was removed, X grade erenor fusion was removed followed by obtained X grade item <-----The item will be a way higher grade than the fusions used, as in a mythic weapon whos logs say 2 celestial fusions were removed or something.

Ban those accounts straight away, but before you do, hold the unique item ID of the item held in those same logs to then find the player who has those items. Check that account for the above logs of X grade fusion was removed, x grade fusion was removed etc as above. If you find that same activity ban that account as well. If you don't find any activity, you will need to go into this new account thats been flagged as having an exploited item, and proceed to do a trade log, look for gold etc. On that same account you need to also check if that person is buying gold, making random large trades of gold from an account unrelated to it etc, if anything is fishy with how they obtained that gold, ban them.

If they got the item for free, IE a trade of a flagged exploited item was given without anything in return in that same window, Just delete the item.

If they got the item by paying that person gold, be it through the auction house etc, and the gold that they used is legitimately earned, Delete the exploited item, and /addgold back into that persons account.

Theres no need to compensate any gem sellers or crafters involved.

Take the servers effected down for 2-3 days(IE you don't have to touch Nui server), extend the valentines day event by say a week (just to say sorry)
Add in the appropriate patron days for the downtime.
And proceed to take those 2-3 days and grind out the logs.....And if you dare say the factors that I just put up aren't logged into the servers logs when I can full well see them on my end theres something wrong.

Thats the only way you can make this situation 100% right. And it requires work....yes I know things in your office may be shaky at the moment, but simply having the tools needed to quickly shift through your logs, and check for these actions is pretty much required now there shouldn't be any excuse to not even have a simple find feature when parsing logs.

Anything else you do other than fixing the problem directly is going to be just like ignoring it.

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