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gamemego breaking game economy, again

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hey gamemego, howz u doing? yo this valentine event is pretty good, and rewards are great
especially a bunch of manastorm's, seems like this

Originally Posted by iArches View Post
additions to upcoming events that will help to close the gap that may have been caused by this.

cuz i don't get it, u had experience with this problem. Like mb u didn't remember but i will remind it for u
u can sell 10 manastorm for 40g, they still didn't fix a bug with "Crimson Lightning saddle"
let's do a quick math 2+2 = 4 -1 = 3 - quick math, but in all seriousness it's 140 manastorm's which can be sold for 640g. It's only 1 account, imagine all of those alt's

@iArches @Carendash @Tinen ??????

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