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De-normalization of mounts

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First of all, thank you. Normalizing mounts was a huge issue when the game came out. There was a huge wave of disagreement from the players and it has only been tolerated since. Variety is a good thing.

Since you're looking into mount speeds though, can you add one more? Can we please have our cars back? The original version of cars was amazing. They were really fast. It wasn't game breaking though because they were almost impossible to control at high speeds. The slightest thing on the ground would send you flying.

When the cars were originally nerfed, nobody agreed. There were pages and pages of very logical and well thought out arguments against the nerf. Ultimately, they were disregarded. The nerf occurred and the "fix" was to release a cash shop upgrade that minimally increased the speed.

So keep the upgrade, just take the limiter off. Give us our impossible to control cars back. It was incredibly fun attempting (but very rarely succeeding) to control those things. It added color and flavor to the game. Please continue to reverse the normalization and allow variety to exist once again.

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