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Suggestion: Singular Infusion item

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Yes, this has to do (yet again) with the infusions issue that happened. Personally, I'm not affected by it as I've been elsewhere, but because of what happened I think we all know the best course of action that can be taken.

Provide players with a single infusion item that can be used.

Rather than having low-grade infusions, high-grade infusions, lucky weapon-breaker's infusion, suggest that XL Games phase those out in favor of a single infusion item. The item can be used on Erenor or Hiram equipment (as they both use infusions), and provides n XP on use. If more XP is needed, head over to a workbench and craft the infusion with <insert preferred and likely to make sense item here> to create one that will provide more XP.

Off the top of my head I'd say an archeum crystal of the appropriate equipment type as the extra item. Say, infusion and one sunlight archeum crystal to create an infusion that gives more xp for weapons. Craft that with another sunlight archeum crystal to get even more xp for weapons from that infusion.

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