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iArches: Letter from the ArcheAge Team - February 2019

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Originally Posted by iArches View Post
Greetings, everyone.The team has been hard at work over the past few weeks, translating and preparing for our next larger update, which players will see coming in March. This month we have a smaller event update to coincide with Valentines Day, which will launch on Feb 13th. Players will be tasked with helping deliver chocolates and can expect to see additional new themed decorations. We will have more information about the March Update out in the next few weeks. However, with this update, we would like to take a moment to address a few concerns that have popped up recently.While investigating reports of a character that had suddenly appeared at the top of the equipment rankings on Kadum, an exploit that had been used in Russia to obtain gold through crafting requests was discovered. Aggressive action was taken against any accounts that were found participating in this by terminating said accounts. As we do not announce action taken upon players accounts this was not brought up until this point. We have since manually removed him from the rankings, as banning the account did not remove him from the list.We received multiples reports of Apex being traded in large quantities and were able to locate the source. Fraudulent Apex purchases using the Steam Wallet were the underlying source of the surplus. We have disabled this payment method and taken aggressive action as necessary for accounts that were found to be abusing this, including termination of fraudulent accounts and removal of Apex. Players that unknowingly obtained fraudulently purchased Apex will not be actioned. The team is continuing to monitor Apex transactions across both regions.Regarding the use of lower grade Erenor infusions on high grade Erenor items, we had to be sure that this was not an intentional change that was added early by mistake. After confirming this was not intended with the XL team, it has been fixed in the most recent patch and lower grade infusions can no longer be used to provide synthesis experience to Erenor items. Items that were upgraded during this time cannot have the experience removed. In the interest of fairness however, we are working with the XL team to provide additions to upcoming events that will help to close the gap that may have been caused by this. We will provide details of those events as they close in during upcoming updates.We worked with XL to remove the speed normalization from the Unicorn mounts and are in the progress of doing the same for all the previously normalized mounts in the NA/EU region. This will affect previous mounts that players already own and increase their speeds across the board. There are no plans to lower speeds of any mounts currently. The final details and timing of these changes are still being worked out, but it is something were looking forward to soon.All of us here at the ArcheAge team are looking forward to the amazing things coming down the road this year. We hope to see all of you come along for the ride and cant wait to show you whats being worked on as it gets closer.Thanks,The ArcheAge Team

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