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Vampire Hordebreaker Hybrid?

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sorry for the certainly newb questions about what may be terrible build choices...but the ideas seem interesting so blah :P

i am now trying is Occult/Witchcraft/Battlerage.

having no clue really how anything in AA works...i see HB's powers and it seems like it should be some weird highly mobile CC vampire drainer...

the occult life drain paired with the other DoT channeled power can be cast on targets and then you can continue to use other powers and even move.

you can shadowstep to a target, activate drains, knock them down with charge and triple strike, Enervate them to drain mana, bubble trap AoE, precision strike, banshee wail, hellspear, tiger strike..and then play dead/death vengence to keep them lockdown while you skills cool down. also, use the DREAM WINDER pet to add to the drains on their mana, along with fairly high nuke dmg from that pet if geared in INT.

i really dont know what to gear this monstrosity in..seems like it would need high STR for melee dmg and dual wield for the parry passive (to give some layer of defense against archers) but also high INT to make the magic powers do any dps and give the WC pet some teeth...

if its not totally stupid, i think this is the most interesting build ive ever encountered in any game :P

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