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Rest in peace my friend

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Today I just received some postal news form Natter's wife

A terribly sad news indeed

We won't ever play with Nat again

his heart stopped the 29th may and this time it's over...

It's hard for me to write those lines...

but at least now we know why he won't come back between us

Besides the skillful and cheerful player, he was someone wonderful


Adieu Natty

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We just lost a very dear friend.

I am very sad.

He and I had some things in common. We are both from Bavaria. We like beer. And NOLF. And we shared a similar humor.




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This is disturbing news, and very sad indeed.


I know we will sorely miss his involvement in our community....


...A Great Player, and a great person



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I just found out during play in the server. Hugo told us.

Would it be appropriate, you think, for a group of us here to send flowers?

I've been friends with Natter (and by that name only) for about ten years now.

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Rest in peace Natter.



He used to say such fun things to me. More than once cheered me up too.


He put so much into this community. My friend, you will be missed.

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ton absence est tellement forte,

qu'elle crée en nous une présence qui nous rend faible, nous supporte.

On ne lui a pas dit au revoir, il est parti sans notre accord,

car la mort a ses raisons que notre raison ignore.

Alors on s'est regroupé d'un réconfort utopiste.

A plusieurs on est plus fort mais on n'est pas moins triste.

C'est seul qu'on fait son deuil, car on est seul quand on ressent.

On apprivoise la douleur, il est toujours là, à l'esprit et dans nos souvenirs.

Sur internet, dans ces parties pleines de sourires.

Il nous entoure et reste à nos côtés,

il reprend vie dans nos rêves, comme si de rien n'était.

On se rassure face à la souffrance qui nous serre le cou,

en se disant que là où il est, il a sûrement moins mal que nous.

Alors on marche, on rit, on chante, mais son ombre demeure,

dans un coin de nos cerveaux, dans un coin de notre bonheur.

Ton humour, tes paroles, ton sourire, et ton fair play

tes competences et cet air de "même pas peur"

les meilleurs s'en vont donc toujours bien les premiers

tu nous manques déjà. Adieu Natter


Bill Baroud

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Goodbye Natter. Rest in peace my friend, I would dearly have liked to meet you outside of NOLF, now we won't get the chance.


Although we only knew you through NOLF, everyone of us will miss you, your good humour, your optimism, your patience and respect, You have been part of our daily lives, NOLF o'clock will never be the same without you.

Your family must be so devastated, Moonie, please pass our condolations to Natters Wife & family from the NOLF community.

He was the kind of guy that was everybodies friend, we all felt he had something in common with us, he had true empathy with everyone he knew.


Rest in Peace Natter


See you in the next life

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Such heartbreaking news. Natter was the best of us, the heart of NOLF2, if you will. He always had a kind word to say and was able to make me smile each time we met in the server. His absence will be felt deeply.


Thank you for letting us know, Moonie. If you can, please let his family know how much we all cared about him. Although the majority of us only knew him while playing an online game we forged a genuine bond of friendship with him, mostly due to his unique positive attitude. We were so blessed to have known him even if it was for much too short a time.


God, Nat, I'll miss you.

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Moonie thank you so much for posting this sad news. And Bill, thanks for coming by BU to make us aware.


It has been quite some time since many of us have played any Nolf, but we will always think fondly of the fun we all had together.


Natter was a wonderful person who had a genuine love of life. His patience and good humor were felt by all. We will miss his kind heart and good cheer.


RIP Natty.

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Wow, it's always sad to hear the news about a good gaming friend who has passed away. He was a joy to play NOLF with and rarely got upset. I will always remember him for being such a good example and a good human being.


See ya on the other side Herr Natt.

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aw I played with him many times years ago


many years have passed since the good old NOLF days, and like the game title says...


No One Lives Forever


I read somewhere that, its true, no one lives forever...but when you make a big impression, people tend to remember you well!!


Hes living in a better place now, with no worries, no pain, and perhaps, he is already playing NOLF3 !!!

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I did.


Thanks Moonie, and thanks for passing the sad news to us, hope you are doing ok.



I thought you words were nice, so I attempted to translate for us non French speaking.....................


"Your absence is so strong, that it creates in us a presence of weakness that we have to bear.

One was not able to say him good-bye, but left without our agreement, for the death has its reasons that we are unaware of, but we pull ourselves together knowing he is in an utopian consolation.

Together we are stronger but one is not less sad. It is alone that one does his mourning, for one is alone when one feels. One tames the pain, it always is there, to the spirit and in our memories. On internet, in these gameswe had a lot of smiles. It surrounds us and remains at our sides, it resumes life in our dreams, as if of nothing has changed.

One reassures oneself facing the suffering that squeezes us the neck. Then one walks, one laughs, one sings, but his shadow remains, in a corner of our brains, in a corner of our happiness. Your humor, your words, your mouse, and your fair play your competences and this air of "fear nothing" the better ones leave therefore always think well of them as you miss them already.

Farewell Natter"


My translation doesn't do justice to your words written in French, Bill, but they were so nice I had to try.

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As you may know or not, Natter was very respectful about his gaming life and his family one.

That's why I cannot give his postal adress.

But I know a lot of his friends would like to send something, to express their deepest thoughts to his family

So perhaps you could send it to me...

I would take everything in a small letter/package

and send it to his wife

Send to me a pm if you wish to send something to natter's wife

We must do it quickly of course, no need to revive painful reminds for his wife.

So let's say everythings must be at my home for the June 19th plz


(If you have any problems to send it before this date, do not hesit to PM me)

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Sorry Onyx,

I must admit I did not thought about non speaking French people, my eyes became blurry till I got to the end of the lines... We had so many things in common...

No words can really describe our feeling inside...

I never thought an angel could die.....

Thank you

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Wow, I never would have expected something like this to happen. RIP Natter :(

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Fzy sent me word about this, so I had to come see what was going on. I know it's been a long while since I've been apart of the community but NOLF will always give me a warm nostalgic feeling in my heart, and it's sad to see someone we've all gamed with many times pass. Although I didn't really know him personally he was one of the many people I liked to play with and he will be missed for sure.

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Requiescat in pace.


My condolences to his family and friends. I did not know Natter, but had the privilege of playing with him on my few times on the servers. He was always a credit to the community.

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Dear Moonie,


I had this idea: Maybe Natter's family doesn't know that there is this NOLF-community who liked Natter so much. So why don‘t you print out this whole thread and send it to them by mail? Thus they can read what all UHQ members felt and wrote...


And to all of you: Shall we have a bombastic NOLF game tomorrow saturday in memoriam of Natter?

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Natter's family perfectly knew about his gaming life and his wife also enjoyed the pleasure Natter could have to play with us. He was a man of rules and respect.

Now we have to face his disappearance, even if he was "only" a "virtual" friend for most of us ! How we handle the situation is completely personnal. No one can show you the right act you have to do.

Just because there is no "right" thing to do. This is just the personnal way you wish to say goodbye to Natter it won't make and it come back (If only it could :( )

No matter if you know his real name or if it was only Natter or Natty, we're speaking of the same person... And the game enabled us to devellopped some feelings, don't forget it !

Some people won't never post here but will pray for his soul, others will just post a thread here to his memory, others will ask moonie her address because they wish to send some written words, well....there's so many different things you can do !

It's up to every one and there is no one to judge what is wrong or right.

I think this thread will be printed and join to the cards Moonie may received, for me it's the least we can do for Natter's wife.

Bring to her a bit of our good feelings to help her relieve from her pain....

Now I'm also sad because I won't be able to join any nolf2 party (specially the memorial one), I'm on the verge of moving to another house and the CD is somewhere carefully packed in the 35 boxes waiting out of there :cry2: !

But remember he's still there in our heart and mind !

Now I've got a card that is watiing for some soothing words to be written on.....

Have a nice game all !

BIll Baroud

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To "Natter's Family & Friends",



Please accept my most sincere condolences and deepest sympathies at this very sad time.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Rest In Peace "Natter".



Take Good Care Of Yourselves and Your Families,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, "CJ", & "F.E.A.R.", Always,






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I just heard of this from Hugo, and it's hard to believe for me.


Natter was one of the first players I met in this game many years ago, and he was always a kind and respectful player, and his presence will be missed.


"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!"



Rest in Peace.

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