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Hi have checked today about the trademark of NOLF series...


Looks like it has the status of EXPIRED


Check here http://trademark.markify.com/trademarks/ctm/no+one+lives+forever/003813060


It would be refreshing to see a developer take the chance of bringing the 3rd installment of NOLF... Or a movie with Cate Archer.


Does anybody know is there is any movement from developers/film industry companies to this regards?

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I wish 2K Interactive/2k Games would be the ones to take the reins of the franchise and develop NOLF3. I totally dig the gameplay mechanics and story-driven aspects of Mafia 2... both of which I believe would translate well to a new installment for the NOLF series.


Examples of features found in Mafia 2 that I like and which I believe would greatly add to a hypothetical NOLF 3:


*cover system: being able to dodge enemy fire by hiding behind walls and quickly sliding towards a corner's edge for cover.


*drivable vehicles: MORE CARS! This would be my excuse to push for more classic 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's muscle, import, and luxury cars to be added into the game! They should also keep the dirtbike, the snowmobile, and give us a helicopter or a jetpack!


*more life-like maps: GTA4 does a better job at this than Mafia 2 in being truly "open-world"... but I think Mafia 2's style would actually still work in a primarily mission-oriented game like NOLF.


*complex and dynamic crowds: it'd be so awesome to chase after villains in a crowded city or in a crowded building, just like in the big-screen movies. Or how about boarding a crowded, double-decker bus in London, trying to chase down Volkov or another bad guy?


*REAL historical music: Mafia 2 included real-life radio hits from the 1940's-1950's (one or two from the 1960's)..... it's be so awesome if NOLF included more real-life music from the 1960's and early 1970's to be played on in-game radios or jukeboxes throughout the game.

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expired on May 25, 2012


also, Monolith seems to be taken care to recover it since they registered the web domain around the same time TM expired





both redirects to lith.com website


Shall we celebrate that another NOLF is coming by the original creators???


Would hate to see NOLF franchise in the hands of people who made Call of Duty

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also, NOLF3 epic like NOLF1 was or no deal...


dont want ti to turn into a generic COD clone, or stupid ideas...


Monolith needs to bring it back with everything that made it so amazing 12 years ago...


and now release it in all platformas available, not only PC

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Vivendi is on financial ruins...


so that means they dropped the NOLF franchise rights....and Warner is probably dealing with them, or registering again, since the noonelivesforever.com redirects to lith.com website


its a big sign...


What do you think Elite1?

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