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object message mod


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So I decided I needed a good nolf fix and installed the game, and was very surprised to see the servers were still running, and even more surprised to see people playing. I am so pumped!!!!


Anyways when I used to play the game The site that shall not be named had a Single Player mod that let me send messages to items in the game like unlocking doors, removing or adding items, turning off security cameras, I was wondering if anyone has this kicking around on there computer as I can't find it on the internet. Along with this mod was another one that would let you select objects from a distance. For example if there is a door on the other side of the room I could open it from the side that I am on.


It's a fun mod to play around with so if anyone has it that would be unreal!!!!!



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Is it a list somewhere, how many mods like the forgotten bunker came out for NOLF? where can i download them?


Welcome to UHQ


I've put the mods that I had in the Nolf 1 mods section in the UHQ downloads.

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Edited for confirmation.


Yes it was made by Linden May aka 'viktor' mailed him a thankyou for his excellent work on this years ago, and even got a reply, hes a great guy. It is indeed in the downloads section you can thank elite one for that, it may be named console mod but its what you seek. =)

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