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NOLF inspired game: The Spy Who Shrunk Me


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I have just seen this game on our Steam NOLF group.

Pretty interesting. It has spy, gadgets, NOLF- like music etc. You can visit the link for more information. 

Don't expect to play for long hours. This is an early access game.

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13 hours ago, Larry said:

Looks and sounds like a modern copy of the game...which is ok by me. Looks pretty good! At  this point  in my life if it smells anything like NOLF I'll take it!

I dunno but seems like this game doesn't have real weapons...

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On 1/24/2019 at 10:16 AM, Eliteone said:

In the game credits they site Monolith and the NOLF and NOLF 2 games for some of their inspirations. 


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22 hours ago, Larry said:

I probably won't download and play it for a while but if you do let us know how it is...maybe a review would  be in order.


You can find reviews on Steam.


I think I won't write a review.

Of course you can play with mouse and keyboard but the game is very short and especially made for VR.  

It is easy to play and kinda basic game compared to NOLF because Catland is not a big company to make games like NOLF etc. (I played first few levels.)

You must give it a try asap if you are considering refund or keeping it forever recently.


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