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Some questions regarding NOLF mapping...

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Right here we go:


1. How can you get AI to patrol, use objects etc. I cant seem to find how to do this, pretty difficult compared to NOLF 2.


2. Doors opening correctly. For some reason, my doors just swing right out, most times out of the map itself. I was wondering, what settings have to be set to prevent this?


3. How to rotate prefabs to the right direction. I dont seem to be able to rotate them well at all, pretty poor tbh!


Thats all, if anyone can help I woud be very grateful!



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When you rotate prefabs, you should be able to do it in the menu of the props in which direction it is facing. If you give me a while I will install NOLF to help you out a little. As for the doors, you should be able to alter all settings in the setting menu for the door. (It has been a very long time since I have touched Dedit)

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I have some singleplayer mini maps I made up, such things as using a keypad to unlock doors. ai patrolling etc. If your still seeking info just drop me a pm. But its basically drop in your patrol nodes, name them, and set the ai your using with a cmd something like


patrol pts=walker_0,walker_1,walker_2,walker_3 loop=1 and lay down an ai volume so the ai actually can walk within the area you have the nodes. =)


Nolf ai is very old school, without all the bells and whistles of later lithtech editors, being able to click to connect etc. But it hasnt changed that much.

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