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NOLF2 Sound problem with Macbook Snow Leopard


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Hi !

Forgive my errors of langage, i'm french !


I try to play NOLF2 on a MacBook with Snow Leopard, the game runs fine but there is no sound !

I read on the forum that is a Quicktime's problem ! I must instal Quicktime 6.5.1 but i don't find it (softonic's file is corrupted) !

I believe i can't instal Quicktime 6.5.1 on my system (no compatibility but i'm not sure), i have already Quicktime 7.6.6.

I'm sure i'm not alone in this case !


Any suggestions for fix this problem of sound ? Without instal Quicktime 6.5.1 ? Or if you have a link for a valid file of Quicktime ?

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I believe someone posted awhile back about sound issues like this.


I'll research it for you.

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Yes, EliteOne ! Thanks for searching ! In effect, I seen a subject about this on the forum but i don't believe the guy fix the problem without Quicktime 6.5.1 !

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I finally got round to getting a copy of NOLF2 for my mac running Snow Leopard and have exactly the same problem - the game runs fine with everything except there being absolutely no sound - and the subtitle option doesn't seem to work either? Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks for any help!

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