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Contract J.A.C.K. SP COOP

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I've just started working on that myself. Since Contract Jack is in fact built upon the exact same engine has NOLF 2 I believe it only takes a few quick edits to some files which will re-enable the "coop" mode back into the game. Coop already existed in NOLF 2, music and all, so that just takes some editing of a single file to get the single player maps put into the list of ones you can select in that "mode". You can have them added for you if you download the "livesforever mod" if you want. Until then give me a week or so and i'll figure something out for Contract Jack and have it uploaded here in the downloads section, i'd certainly enjoy the chance to playing it with someone has well! :)

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I have a copy of Kittycat Alpha 9.2. It's 20.5 MB. If Eliteone will tell me the best way to get it to her, I will send her a copy.

Just sent you a PM about this.

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Just to make sure we are on the same page, I wanted to point out that this is a later release (9.2) of the Kittycat Alpha mod, but it isn't the last. URA released a 9.3 version as described here:




This page indicates that there is at least one bugfix in 9.3, and I have no idea what bug is fixed. The page also indicates that the 9.3 version had the filename KittycatA9-3-DL.exe, so search your hard drives and archives for it.


URA's forum indicates that Version 11 revisions of the mod were also in circulation as well.


I would suggest that folks send in ANY other versions of the mod they can lay their hands on.

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I uploaded all my old CJ mods that I still have to here, unfortunately I lost some mods when my HDD crashed (I'm bad at making backups).


I don't remember which or if any include SP Coop, but I'll add SP Coop to my todo list on my current work in progress mod :)

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Thanks for uploading the mods. I know a lot of folks will be happy to have access to them again.


Eliteone should have the Alpha 9.2 release that I sent and will hopefully have it uploaded soon.

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Well you know where i'll be then! has soon has I i'm allowed to download more mods here, i'm surely grabbing the latest "kittycat" mod has I remember it mentioned something about SP coop when URA posted the readme for it before on his site.

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We still need a new game on-line Contract JACK!
1. has no trouble shutting down the server from hackers.
2. has a co-op mode
3. has advertising module - compensation for costs ura.exofire.net game developer and server support unityhq.net

Modern on-line games this 'frack'!
This is your advantage and for your money!

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