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Quest for join Pirate Faction

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Instead of the classic 3,000 Infamy system for going Pirate, XL is implementing new quests for players to complete in order to join the Pirate faction.

I'm a haranya.

You have 6 steps:
1. Go "Freedich Island" and take quest in "Pirate Board"
2. Go talk a NPC in "Growlgate Isle"
3. Go talk a NPC in "Marooned Isle" (South West Ynystere) and take a tradepack (Smuggled Goods)
4. Deliver it in "Hellswamp", Halcyona Hideout and take Dalia's Letter and Tabson's Letter
5. Go talk again a NPC in "Marooned Isle" (South West Ynystere) and take Varth's Letter
6. Combine 3 letters and get "Letters of Recommendation" and put in "Captain Kieran's Chest" near NPC in "Growlgate Isle"

And you go in pirate faction if you haven't guild.


If you are not logged in for 7 days, you are fired from the pirate faction.

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