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Missing patron since 22.11.2018

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I am sorry for creating this thread, while we have many of them here. I have Request #1161391 from 22. 11.2018 about missing patron purchased via credits, where I try to fix it myself by adding subscription plan.

The point is, that in Glyph I have patron status, but not in game.

I was wondering that the money from PayPal you accounted immediately, because all other games I am playing are charge you when the billing period become and no 2 months before it. At one moment I was able to see that I have both times (Subscription plan and Apex purchased game time) together. Later same day I stopped the pan of year subscription to avoid that I will forget it in future, because Patron in game was still not coming. And there start the surprise, patron time was cut to 60 days.
Since this time the patron is still not working. One of your CM try to help me and it was working for a while. Another one was assured me, that customer support will contact me (3 times I get information that my ticket was given to be check).

When I try to solve this problem at least via PayPal dispute to get money back, because we are out of support I got from your employees information that you change procedures and it will lead to permanently disabling account. So I had to cancel it.

I try all ways for help, I send letter to Gamingo office, e-mail to XL, Gamingo and Trion, try to call on the phone line showed in PayPal (disabled number btw, great thing), send message to all CM on this forum. I got help here, which allowed me to continue playing for a while, but the situation is back. I even try to buy another 30 days patron via credits, but this didnt work as well.

I kindly ask you to provide me direct contact to your customer support which will really work. You are providing services by the TOS and you are violating them. Two months are really long time to solve problem like this and those tickets should have higher priority than respond to missing compensation package (and even this was doing with copy paste respond and tickets were instantly closed without reading topic).

Since those period you cost me a lot of time while was trying to get help. You still own me 84,99 EUR as well as missing patron time and benefits from it. And I really dont feel any effort from your side. And I am double surprised if I can see on the forum that tickets with higher number 1185831 and 1185839 (almost 20 000 tickets after me) were resolved.

So I kindly ask you to finally do something.

Thank you in advance

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