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Botters in nui server

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@iArches @Fasti @Carendash @Myru
Incident Date: January 11th, 2019
Server: Nui
Player: Xero, Zejj(Xero's Alt), Irusu, Smallchicken (Irusu's Alt)
Description: Lately lots of players assume that Game Masters are not monitoring the servers. As such, many players are botting outright to farm hiram infusions.

Most players are spending their time to farm in legitimate way and this kind of use of 3rd party program creates unfair competition and detrimental to the community.

It is expressly stated in the Players code of conduct that,

"Unfair Play:
Cheating of any kind will result in severe actions being taken against your account. This includes using third-party programs, selling/advertising your account/goods for real world money, botting or gameplay automation of any kind, staff/admin impersonation, distributing cheats, phishing, bug exploitation and any other method to gain an unintended advantage.

We expect all players to attempt to remain on a fair playing field with other people. If you are participating in activities that circumvent this or bypass mechanics in this way, you will not keep access to your account for long. We urge anyone who is thinking about doing any of these activities to reconsider."

As such this kind of behavior should not be tolerated at all, no matter the circumstances. I urge any Game Masters who are monitoring the Nui server to take the appropriate actions.

Thank you.

Evidence Xero:
Player Xero and Zejj (Xero's alt) botting to farm in Western Hiram Mountain

Xero is buffing his alt, Zejj, and Zejj movies in 3 directions where mobs are spawning and kills them.

You can see how Zejj's name becomes highlighted, which means it has targetted me. But this is during peace, so it can't attack me. Attaks my portal instead at 02:38.

Evidence Irusu:
Player Irusu and Smallchicken (Irusu's alt) botting to farm in Western Hiram Mountain. It looks to be the same bot that Xero uses.

Irusu is buffing his alt, Smallchicken while Smallchicken is moving in different directions where mobs are spawning.

You can see how Smallchicken's name becomes highlighted, which means it has targetted me. But this is during peace, so it can't attack me.

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