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Before I patched it to 1.004 I could run the NOLF GOTY edition the first time I booted Win7 64bit, but then it wouldn't load again. Now I've patched it I can't run it at all.


I get the launch box, and then it gives a little black window and says it's had an error in Client MFC.


If I change the compatibility sometimes I can get a full screen black window and the computer freezing.


Any idea what I should try? I've tried using both the mounted CD image (my laptop doesn't have a CD drive so I can't use my old CDs) and the NOCD, neither works.


EDIT: This is what it says - "Client MFC Application has stopped working".

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Welcome to the forum.


Set your comparability mode to disable visual the,es and to run as Windows XP SP3.

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Both lithtech.exe and nolf.exe are set as compatibility mode for XPsp3, run as administrator, and visual themes off.


Still goes to a small black window and says "Client MFC Application has stopped working".


The weird thing is, the first time after installing it it runs fine. But trying to restart it won't work. I just reinstalled it and this time didn't create a saved game when I ran it: still has the same problem.

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Anyone have any ideas? Must be something that changes after running it the first time, but it can't be saved games because I didn't create any the second time I installed it.


What would possibly be causing that problem but enabling it to run the first time?

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What happens if you run it as administrator?

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Several firewall packages can interfere with the game.

Stop these programs or create exclusions for NOLF , if they are running on your machine:

  • AVG Webshield
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Personal Firewall

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Are there exceptions for it in your Windows Firewall?

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