The audio cutoff problem

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So this is in relation to the dialogue in the game cutting off before it is supposed to finish.
This does appear to be related to refresh rate.
Now I have tried limiting my refresh rate with nvidia control panel, nvidia inspector and RTSS. But all of them make no difference.
I've left them running, ran them in administrator mode, everything I can think of.
Strangely if I go into my display adaptor properties and on the monitor tab change my refresh rate to 60, the game works fine.
I'm just curious if anyone can think of a reason why this programs are failing to limit my refresh rate. It's not a major issue as I can get the game to run.

My specs are:
Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth X99 onboard sound in use.

Realtek audio drivers updated to latest (Microsoft signed 14/09/18 Ver

Geforce GTX 1080Ti (Drivers 417.35)

Intel Core i7-5930K 3.50GHz

32GB Ram

ASUS ROG PG279Q via displayport running at 2560x1440 at 144Hz

Running Windows 10 Pro

Thanks very much.

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I just realised there is a technical support forum. Not sure if I should move this topic there. 
Last time I did that on an F1 forum it warned me for double posting.

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Given the game was made in 2001 more and more and running into limitations such as this. 

I use the DGVoodoo  to control the graphics. 

It may help you with your situation. 

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Thanks for the response.
I tried dgvoodoo including forcing V-Sync but the dialogue problem still occurs.
It's strange it seems like my computer just ignores all the normal methods for limiting refresh rate except limiting it directly in display adaptor.
I've never seen anyone mention this.
I decided to give the game a full playthrough just accepting that this is a method that works, but thought I would ask in case anyone had this problem and found out why.
The patched fan released versions are great otherwise I'm having no other problems.

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Have you tried playing it in windowed mode? 

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