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"As of July 1st, 2005, Vivendi Universal Games will no longer provide active telephone or email support for software products which are no longer being actively manufactured by Vivendi Universal Games."


Of the three NOLF games, only NOLF2 will continue to be supported.


I was a little surprised that NOLF1 and CJ are bumped off of support and NOLF2 was left on. Any suggestions or theories as to why?

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Maybe because NOLF2 is a kick-'donkey' game and those aren't?




I'm think that NOLF2 is being Bought more than NOLF1 a nd CJ. I also think that there might be people calling and e-mailing the NOLF2 Support Staff.

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WHo the heck cares about CJ and NOLF1 support? You scared the heck outta me a second there Bella! I almost Piddled myself, until I saw that YU-GI-OH POWER OF CHAOS: YUGI THE DESTINY , was on the saved listing. whew!


ok all CJ players and NOLF1 players, we welcome you to NOLF2 with open mouths...er...arms!


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It has to do with who contacts support wink.gif hence why I've been telling everyone to contact when you are having issues etc cool.gif



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well nolf1 is played by a way higher number of players than nolf2


so that comes as a surprise to me, but then again maybe all the people playing nolf1 have had it for a while and then there r still people buying nolf2, and as we all know, no1 buys CJ tongue.gif

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You can still find NOLF 2 in most computer stores like COMP USA...I just saw three at my local store a couple of days ago (usually $5 - $9). I never see NOLF...


It would be nice to see more NOLF peeps convert to NOLF 2 just for kicks.

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I agree and frankly, after my short Nolf1 adventure (a good few hours on the SP and a couple of hours on the MP), I don't get why people choose Nolf1 when they could choose Nolf2. The graphics are bad in comparison, the storyline is no better, the engine is clearly more sophisticated for 2. Not to mention Nolf1 is full of mods and cheats :S. And well, when I was there people were base camping me with the corrector guns and still found time to be rude. Sigh.


Anyway, I don't really doubt Nolf1 is a cool game once you're used to it (like most) but that Nolf1 is bigger than Nolf2 I just can't grasp. Wish some of those people would give 2 a try - I bet they'd find it worthwhile!

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Yup Nolf2 is way much better than 1..And more people buy it too..I'm thinking of buy a few copies in case this one is broke for some reason biggrin.gif And yeah I played nolf 1 for about 2 years and it's really boring now..Most people there are cheaters,the new maps really suck "I like the original maps" and they have no DD..So no wonder they dump nolf 1 and CJ smile.gif

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(Counting down the seconds until E1 or Bella chastise the above formentioned [sT] members tongue.gif).


I was playing NOLF1 with Breeze and Sugar the other day, and that game just doesn't do it for me.


Let me pre-amble this by saying the maps are quite inventive and original, and are put in circulation much more frequently then NOLF2.


But NOLF 1 Nostalgia or not, does not hold a candle to NOLF 2. Graphics, Game play, all the way down the line favors NOLF2.


Now in regarding who plays what game more.....dunno.


On the weekends you can still find a full server in NOLF2. During the week maybe you can find 8-10 players in a server (This being DD of course.) The 3 times I have tried to play NOLF1 since I bought it, the most players I have seen at one time is 4-5. With NOLF2 there are another 8-10 players during the week in the DM server too.


I agree with Mari/Spacko on this one. Come join us in NOLF2, we will teach you how to shoot, tag, and plant Kitty's, and whine about base storming.



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Now why would we chastize for someone's opinion? blink.gif


It is a matter of preferences on with game/games of the nolf series you like/dislike etc wink.gif

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*chastises Knix* tongue.gif


It's no surprise to anyone that i prefer NOLF2 of the three games, but NOLF1 still has a very special place in my heart. True, the graphics aren't as good and I never liked all the bunnyhopping, but I really love all the creative custom maps and that they're played regularly. NOLF2 players are pretty bad when it comes to supporting custom maps. The UnityHQ DM server has custom maps on it and it's rarely used, which is a crying shame.


I recently reinstalled NOLF1 again (oy, was that a nightmare) and I had a blast on a custom map sniping everyone. (I can't snipe to save my life in NOLF2, though.) I've always loved the maps where you're only a couple inches tall running around in a living room, zipping through portals. Then there's that one in the dark with the pine trees and you snipe at each other with the night vision goggles. Oh, there's just so many fun custom maps out there!


I tend to think NOLF1 is nearly as active as NOLF2. NOLF2 has fewer servers so we get more players in one as opposed to NOLF1 having a bunch of servers with just one person in them. Contract JACK seems to be a little quieter than both of them, but I never check it out on the weekends. Once the Pegasus Mod comes out I think that will help give that game a shot in the arm and it'll get a bit more active.


So while it'd be great if everyone from NOLF1 started playing NOLF2, I can't criticise them for playing the game they enjoy most. They have their reasons as do we. smile.gif

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i thought pegasus had been released months ago....




Not the final version wink.gif


anyhow back to the support topic tongue.gif

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NOLF1 still has more players than NOLF2, on average there will be two full AM servers (12 ppl each typically) and a scaterring of DM servers with 3 or so people in each. However just having active servers doesnt mean to much, NOLF1 still has numerous active clans, well more than NOLF2 has, but then again who cares both games are good in their own way and which gets played more doesn't make much of a difference. dry.gif


Most people there are cheaters

I must object to that statement, while we have had the occasional hack run through the game most people do not cheat. cool.gif


And well, when I was there people were base camping me with the corrector guns and still found time to be rude. Sigh.

Haha lol. NOLF 1 is the only game I know where the entire pupose is to base r@pe the other team. All the pros in NOLF1 sh*ttalk, it's basically become a part of the game lol.

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NOLF1 still has more players than NOLF2, on average there will be two full AM servers (12 ppl each typically) and a scaterring of DM servers with 3 or so people in each.


Sorry I'm at work in the AM tongue.gif . In the PM though its bone dry.

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Did it ever occur to you that all three games in the series don't have even a handful of players in them? You put down the other game thinking you can draw more players from one game into your game. You're fighting among est yourselves for a handful of players...


You don't play SP. That lasted a couple of weeks. Now you will fight in MP for the next 5 years. And your biggest gripe with CJ was that the SP was too short. Hell, you don't even play SP. You bought it for MP because MP is what last, and last, and last,...


You were so jealous of CJ you aborted that baby before it was born.


Shame on you...

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You don't play SP. That lasted a couple of weeks. Now you will fight in MP for the next 5 years. And your biggest gripe with CJ was that the SP was too short. Hell, you don't even play SP. You bought it for MP because MP is what last, and last, and last,...


You were so jealous of CJ you aborted that baby before it was born.

Shame on you...


Huh? I bought CJ and never complained about the SP. I never cared for them in any of the games anyway, it's just the multiplayer that I enjoy. With CJ, I miss the tags of NOLF2, the lack of female skins and I find it takes a lot more bullets to kill with than I'm used to so I don't play it unless requested to. Nice to see the bacalov again, though, and the sound is phenomenal. I guess I don't understand the 'jealous' comment. Explain please?

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im pretty sure u said that as a joke since 95% of the stuff u say is


but AM is HvU,its a game type......

just in case u wernt joking, and if u were, i feel stupid 


Don't feel stupid. I'm just glad you are picking up on my bad humor. The lessons I normally have to give are really taxing.


Now in regard to Cody's comment. You need to take my class tongue.gif. I would never suggest anyone give up on something that gives them enjoyment (unless its illegal of course...excluding BongChick of course!). What we were suggesting is that since many nolf2er's are former nolf1ers, we have given NOLF1 a shot. Many NOLF1ers I think have not given NOLF2 a shot, and we welcome them to do so. On the point of CJ, I downloaded the demo SP and MP. The SP was tons of fun. You could lean, and the sound is siiiiick. No nana's though sad.gif. THe maps are what the game is known for as well. I went on a bunch of times to see if any MP servers were active, however I found no one to play against. The DM I imagine would be fun, while the version where you have to set/difuse the bomb seems lame. With the demo do I have acces to all the servers or just the one?


So in closing, if you are a NOLF1er and want to give NOLF2 a dance, introduce yourself in the game, and I will chatkill.... er no thats not very cricket..oh yeah.. show you around the nuances of the game. wink.gif Even host a server for one on one lessons.


Now big group hug... Lovin' how this forum is getting more and more like ST's tongue.gif.


That sound you hear in the distance is Bella screaming in horror from my last sentence.

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i think that nolf2 is a lot funner, except it doesnt have the balcov corrector, and i love jumping around like crazy. bigger adrenaline rush.


so that is why i stick in nolf1. but the ppl in nolf2 community r nicer too. more talking and stuff. everyone knows everyone. same really for nolf1, but not as much talking during games, just between 1 or two players. so nolf2 wins in friendliness and strategic thingy. nolf1 gets my adrenaline pumpin though. so i stick with nolf1 wink.gif


i might run around nolf2 again sooner or later

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I listened to the Community when CJ came out. They said it was terrible. I remember them saying, "I UN-installed it the same day." They said, "It only has 7 levels and they advertised 10." They said, " It was just run and shoot. The AI were never-ending." etc...etc... So I didn't buy it thinking it was lame. Then SpyDave bought it, and Black Angel. They fell in love with it. They convinced me to try the demo. I did, and I was shocked to say the least. The net-code was fixed. I could actually play the game with 56k. The corrector was back. The vehicles had cannons and machine guns. It still had DD plus another mode called DEMOLITION. The SP part was awesome! I bought it. The AI were just right. It was like playing in MP. I actually was able to finish the game, unlike Nolf2. In short, I fell in love with it too! And I wondered WHY? WHY did the Nolf Community treat this great MP game like a red headed step-child? Why didn't they at least welcome it onto the community? Why had they let Monolith down by spreading the awful rumor that it wasn't any good? WHY, WHY, WHY!!! I resented it. Almost everything I ever wanted in Nolf was there. The mod team completed the task of turning it into not only a run, jump game, but you could FLY! Real 3D axis!!! And a new faster Motorcycle like the original Nolf1! It was great! How could they do that? I didn't understand, and I deeply resented the fact that the Community had Disked it like that. They lied to me and probably many many more in the Community, and for what?


Reading these post it became clear. This small handful of people was threatened that CJ would take players from their game. What else could it be? It's the only explanation...


So you don't have tags. What else? is there ANYTHING else about CJ that you don't like? Tags!!! That's it? Unbelievable...


How could something that was so good be unacceptable to the players? It just didn't make sense until now. When someone speaks about CJ or PEGASUS, it's quiet. You freeze. You are afraid CJ would take away some of your little handful of players. And even now, you dis it when you can, to keep it's ugly head from even thinking about showing up... You wish it had never been born.


Keep your bunny-hopping and your tags. I can understand how that type of game-play could be fun for you. But CJ is a great MP game, and you shouldn't have run it in the ground like you did. And the only sensible reason that I can come up with is that you were afraid you would loose some of your precious players to it.


"And we all know, nobody buys CJ."


Yes, we all know. You made sure of that... And now we know why.


Don't mind me. I don't need to be in this, "Come over to my better game" thread. Contract Jack is the BETTER game. It's clear as a bell to me. And it hurts knowing how you treated it, even now... It has no players because nobody bought it. Nobody bought it because you said it was no good. You know it is, deep down. How can you not know? The Community slapped Monolith in the face with CJ. And then they think Monolith will still make them an Nolf3 after that, unbelievable.


Don't worry, I don't think CJ is a threat to your little handful of people anymore.


Did I explain the"jealous" comment good enough? The game (CJ) is rock solid. That's the only explanation that makes any sense to me.

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I never picked up CJ because there is only so many hours in a day, and as person with a wife and two kids, having a extensive library of games is pointless.


Do you really think that a community would not play a game because it was GOOD?? If that was the case I would hang out in ventrillo and play minesweeper all day!


CJ has flaws. The reason why NOLF1 and NOLF2 got the grades that it got from gamespot, etc, was for a reason. These are fun Campy games. They are different then the standard FPS, where everything is about riddling as many people with as many bullets as possible. In NOLF2 even a few years after coming out, somebody slipping on their arse with the accompany sound effect "whoooops!" still brings a "LOL" to the chat screen. A angrykitty taking out 3 people rounding a corner, still is funny. Getting hit with an electric dart and going "da-da-da-da-da-da-da" is funny. Seeing someone getting hit with laughing gas running around doubled over in laughter....is funny. Sticking someone in glue and then blowing away with a shotgun...well you get the idea.


CJ is a fun enough game if all you want to do is blow people away. The problem is, that there are around 1000 other FPS' that fit that bill to. NOLF is different because of the humerous campy side that it brings to the table which other FPS' do not.


So please put away the Oliver Stone Conspiracy that the NOLF1 and NOLF2 community ruined the game. Thats just ignorance coupled with frustration. CJ has its good points, but to ignore its weakness does it no service.

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I don't want to get int othe middle of something here but all the games have their strong points and weak points and like any other games appeal to certain people and not to others. This can be said about any game not just the Nolf series.



Sales and reviews are what make or break games.


I personally play all 3. In Nolf 1 Harm vs Unity is fun

Nolf 2 it's Doomsday and in CJ I like Demolition.



For any game to truely do well it has to generate sales outside it's original "fanbase".


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To "COTY",



I am in total agreement with you on this subject, there is no doubt in my mind that

"CONTRACT JACK" has the Best (Tightest) Net Code of all of the "NOLF SERIES"

games, and to prove my point I am providing a review that I wrote over at the

" www.The site that shall not be named " forums after I had played through the game, including



This community is fragmented, and needs to put the pieces back together, how

long that will take, I have no idea, however eventually it must come back together

or this great community as we now know it, will eventually die, is this what everyone

wants, I surely do not want this to happen eventually.


As far as I am concerned, all of the "NOLF SERIES" games have their own merits,

for fans\players\community members of any of the "NOLF SERIES" games to say

that people should abandon any of the games for another is silly, there is no need

to do this, I still play all three of the "NOLF SERIES" games, and enjoy all of them

whenever I play them.


I personally will not abandon anyone of the games for another, I support all of the

games, and will continue to support all of them "NOLF 1 & 2, & CONTRACT JACK".


The enemy here is not one game against another, it is a community lost in it's own

transition, this community has shot itself in the foot which makes no sense at all.


"United We Stand, Divided We Fall", let us not forget this

great quote!!!


Any one who engages in this type of action against other members who support

different games in the "NOLF SERIES", is hurting this community not helping it,

the enemy comes from within when a community is divided, and not from anywhere



I only speak for myself when saying what I am saying, I do not represent or speak for

the whole community, however I do know that quite a few members of this community

feel the same way as I do, at this time some refuse to return because of all of the

crappola that has happened, please do not try and fragment this community more then

it is at this point in time, I have always loved and cared very much for the "NOLF Community",

and it really hurts to see just where we stand at this moment in time.


Stop the infighting, for this will surely ruin the "NOLF Community" forever, yes at this

point in time things don't look too good for this community, but time heals all wounds

and if people would just get back to playing and having fun (this is what the "NOLF SERIES"

is supposed to be all about, at least thats the way I have always seen it), then eventually

this community might be able to return to where it is supposed to be, a fun loving and

extremely caring community.


The best community on the internet today might be a reality again one day, if we just

enjoy being with each other and having fun.


Now onto the review that I wrote for "CONTRACT JACK" a very long time ago, lol.


In case some people do not believe that this review was written a very long time ago,

please go to the forums at " www.thegluefactry.com " and select my name, then in profile

select all threads made by "CANADA", you will see it there under the following title

"My Review By "CANADA"!!! Or Just My Opinion, LoL!!", Dated "12-09-2003, 02:11 PM".







I have purchased the PC game "CONTRACT JACK" and as far as I am concerned

"Monolith" did not misrepresent their advertizing when telliing us about this new

game from them.


1) Contract Jack IS NOT "NOLF 1"!


2) Contract Jack IS NOT "NOLF 2"!


3) Contract Jack IS A Run & Gun game!



The only confusion I believe is the fact that they informed us that this would be a

Ten Level PC game, and in the long run it turned out to be only Seven Levels.


However, was this really a misrepresentation on "Monoliths" part, I personally

don't believe so because there are quite a few levels that are huge, and also there

are many level parts to titled levels. I was not disappointed!!!


I personally really enjoyed playing the single player part of the new "CONTRACT JACK"

game, again I was not personally disappointed because it was exactly what they

told me it would be and what I had expected because of their advertizing.


I was really very impressed with the Multiplayer (MP) part of the new "CONTRACT JACK"

game because considering the netcode problem (how your ping is affected when

playing the game on the internet) with the "NOLF 1 - MP" and then the improved

netcode situation with the "NOLF 2 - MP", the new "CONTRACT JACK - MP" to me,

again just my own personal opinion, was the best "MP" to date as far as the

netcode is concerned.


As an example to prove my findings, I was playing on a fellows server who lives

in "Checkoslovakia" in Europe, I live on the west coast of Canada, last port in the

country before Japan, and my ping while playing with him on his server in the

"CONTRACT JACK - MP" game was "200" at the most at all times while we were

playing on the internet, my ping never went above "200".


WOW, what a difference from "NOLF 1 - MP", and certainly an improvement from

the "NOLF 2 - MP".


So in conclusion, "CONTRACT JACK" is exactly what we were informed it would

be, and we got a very much improved netcode to boot when we all want to play

MP on the internet, lowering and having better control on our pings while we are

playing MP on the internet, has made "CONTRACT JACK" a much faster and certainly

a much more furious MP game to play on the internet.



Am I happy I purchased the new "CONTRACT JACK" PC game?






Would I recomend to my fellow "NOLFERS" in the "NOLF COMMUNITY"

that they should buy the new "CONTRACT JACK" PC game?












Take Good Care Of Yourselves And Your Families,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, & CONTRACT JACK", Always,










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