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We're working on the downloads section of the webpage now. What I'd like to know is what YOU want to see on them? The standard updates will be there, of course, as well as the major map packs. biggrin.gif



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Ahem......... no. MAPS take about a minute to download. PACKS take from 10 to 30 mins. with DSL. smile.gif Anyway I think that creating a torrent file would be quite easy, no?

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Torrent files? Never mind the fact that this lady has no idea how to do any of that or what it entails. I'll talk to eliteone, but no promises on anything like that.


I mostly wanted to know what content you wanted. Maps, for example... there are a gazillion custom maps out there for NOLF1. Instead of posting every single one of them, I'm thinking it might be a better use of space to only put up the maps people submit or request.





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Can someone create a Mappack for all of the Recent Maps? Then people wouldn't have to download Each one.


Okay, on the download thing, we need:


*Newly released Maps (The one are aren't in the mappacks)


~SFI Mappack

~The site that shall not be named Mappack

~Is there a ST mappack?

~JAG Mappack



*Updates (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

~Map pack 1

~Map Pack 2

~Tool kit?

~Fansite Kit?

*Mods (These are the ones I have)









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yeah, there was mod1 through 15 at this point...don't worry about the other ones, 15 is pretty much all of them put together plus some more. modX will be the finished version.


and the mappack, JAG, is proly the most complete pack out there

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I keep hearing about custom mappacks created by users that SFI uses occasionally for the custom server. I'm probably really out of date on this sad.gif People have mentioned to me that there are mappacks over 1gb in size, which is why I haven't downloaded them yet. If there are files that large, the idea behind a torrent file is that 'we' the user will be responsible for the bandwidth as opposed to an SFI server. Bittorrent is rather ubiquitous at the moment and I'd be surprised if no on in SFI were familiar with it. If the server were used as a tracker for all but the smallest files, bittorrent could be very useful for just about everything the downloads section offers smile.gif

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