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First off, I'd like to welcome you to the community. I know we can be, and often are, a hostile bunch, but it generally stems from our love of this game and our perception, right or wrong, of how things are being handled from the publisher.

You have been a bit of a shining star in an otherwise bleak month. We have seen a team wiped out, a new team come in, some of which start off with controversy, others just disappear, others yet minimal if any communication. All of this while some of us are paying 15 dollars a month for your product. MMO's are pretty much the only place I know of where customers can be treated like nothing more than an annoyance and it is considered acceptable. Many of us have been dealing with that for a while from the previous publisher.

As bad as some of them were, some of them truly did have a passion for the game. Right now it really feels like that is missing from Gamigo. I know that this transition takes time, but in the meantime, we, the paying customers, are feeling very neglected.

A specific point refers to a thread, which I will not link, where someone has paid for patron, it is not showing up. Said person has went to great lengths to get this resolved through tickets, buying apex and buying another month through that, all to be met with the same issue. They finally resulted to posting on the forums in the correct area, to let the support team know that they are about to lose their property in the game because of how long this issue is going on. As a player, you should realize how much that can/would upset someone. This is a customer, who is giving Gamigo money, has a legitimate, time-sensitive request. Who has went through all of the correct channels to get this resolved and is now in danger of losing land that they possibly spent a lot of time and effort acquiring.

The end result. You closed the thread because he was bumping it and that was against the forum guidelines. Now, put yourself in his shoes, what would you do? I'm not saying there is no possible way around this, I'm saying that closing that thread does nothing but give us the feeling that you are completely insensitive and will use forum guidelines as a guiding factor for all decision making, to the point of pushing your customers away.

You are welcome to check out my I.P., I am in no way related to the thread I'm speaking about. It just really took me back that you seem to be starting down a "close this thread" path to assert yourself instead of looking at what actually is being said.

(and for the record, I am not saying that some of these threads shouldn't be closed, the one insulting Gamigo employees certainly should imo. Just saying please be what my posting name is. A Player Advocate. I know you work for Gamigo, they write your checks, but you do have the ability when something is obviously an issue to communicate with your team and put a little nudge on them to fix something that certainly needs it, ala triage.)

Thanks for listening and I hope my intent came through properly without it sounding like a bashing anyone thread.

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