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Its amazing the bad work than you are doing in thin game

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more than one month than i opened this ticket REQUEST #1160343 for one item than dissapear from my inventory a really expensive item,i dont see any action from your side, even i will feel shame if i were you because you even the only thing than you are doing is reset the timers from the tickets , the people is totally anoyed with your work system , is informal , and the less profesional behaviour than i never seen,how the other guy said a lot of people is quiting for your bad service , im anoyed how can take more than one month restore a single item , i ask myself if you even are having a support team is really really sad how you are destroying the remaining activity than was having this game each time less people playing and each day new people old friends than say me good bye for the lack of support than we are having i repeat my request : REQUEST #1160343 opened more than one month ago , and in the web appear is opened one day ago, what kind even of joke is that , trion probably were not having the best support in the games worlds, but you are baiting for long all the records in a bad service and in a lack of service . Its not a game than only childs are playing here you are dealing with people in a range age from 20-55 years old , than is no more reasonable the excuse of the transition from one enterprise to other that excuse is obsolet , start to work than for that a lot of people we are spending money until now in this game ,

Sad really sad , have the chance to rise a game again and you are finishing to kill it

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